Goa Science Centre
Goa Science Centre is a new & latest tourist attraction of Goa! Located on the picturesque Miramar Beach in the capital city of Panaji, the Centre houses many wonders of Science and Astronomy. Do not miss this place when you are in Goa. Come to explore & enjoy the excitement of Science! For more information please visit

Dona Paula Jetty
Dona Paula is perched like a bird’s nest on the south side of the rocky, hammer-shaped headland that divides the Zuari and Mandovi estuaries.  It isan perfect spot to unwind and get a tan in the sun. The Dona Paula monument is located on a small isle, linked to the mainland by a small bridge and a quay. Also on the isle is the "Belvedere", a Greco - Roman type of structure, from where one can view the Arabian Sea and the River Zuari.

National Institute of Oceanography (NIO)
The National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) with its headquarters at Dona Paula, Goa, and regional centers at Kochi, Mumbai and Visakhapatnam, is one of the 38 constituent laboratories of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi. The institute has about 200 scientists (more than half of them hold doctoral degree) and 100 technical support staff. National Oceanography Institute Set up in the 1960s, the National Oceanography Institute delves not only upon marine biology, but incorporates almost all the major branches of coastal and marine oceanography. The major attraction of the institute is its Marine Biology Museum and Taxonomy Reference Centre. More information at

INOX Cinema Halls
If you are a movie buff and love watching Bollywood and Hollywood movies while in Goa, then Inox Cinema Halls Multi Screens are not very far away from Hotel Miramar. You can even check out whats running on their screens and book directly from your Hotel Miramar through their website

Kala Academy
The Kala Academy, Goa was established by the Govt. of Goa on 28th February 1970 as an apex body to develop Music, Dance, Drama, Fine Art, Folk Art, Literature etc. and thereby promote cultural unity of this State.  Kala Academy Goa has a distinctive character of imparting training through its various faculties besides organizing on a regular basis festivals, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, discussions and debates, performances and taking up schemes and activities for preservation of traditional art forms. The location of Kala Academy is closely situated at a short walking distance or a short ride from the holiday rooms of Hotel Miramar. For more inputs about their cultural and musical activities in Goa please visit

Campal Area around Hotel Miramar
Campal is now a place in Goa that has the whole lot under one roof. There is the famous Kala Academy, a cultural centre that has lovely indoor and outdoor auditoriums. The recently held IFFI (International Film Festival of India) was held here. Close by one can find a gymkhana that is surrounded by a huge children’s playground. Campal in Goa has sports facilities like physical training for boys and ladies, indoor games, swimming pools, outdoor games etc. The super market "Magson" is situated in Campal near Hotel Miramar.  The Miramar Circle or Roundabout Junction is part of Campal too. The Directorate of Health Services Goa and The Goa College of Architecture are also located in Campal. Various trade fairs and exhibitions also are often held at the Campal grounds.

Campal Gardens
The seaward side of the road, a little before the Kala Academy Campus one comes across a lovely space of foliage in the form of a pretty little garden called the Campal Gardens. The Campal Gardens are a perfect place for a picnic in the heart of the city of Miramar and very close to Panjim city. The trees are simple, the paths are smooth and yet the experience is a soothing one. Besides the Campal Gardens being a Charming place, the gardens also offer splendid views of the Reis Magos Fort and the several boats that cruise along the banks of the Mandovi River every day in the evening. The Campal Gardens are located at a short distance from the holiday accommodations of Hotel Miramar.

British Cemetery at Dona Paula
The British force stationed in Goa during the Napoleonic wars era vacated Goa in 1813, the year Napoleon was defeated by the Russians. In the famous 1815 Waterloo battle Napoleon was finally crushed. The British cemetery has a simple architectural style with a huge gate. In November 1983, when the CHOGM retreat was held in Goa, Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to this British cemetery. The British cemetery in Goa is located in the Dona Paula and in the immediate neighbourhood of the Cabo Raj Niwas. The historic British cemetery was built to serve the British contingent stationed in Portuguese Goa from 1799 to 1813. For those tourists living in Hotel Miramar and interested in History and especially British History would love to know more about the British Cemetery at Dona Paula.

Goa Planetarium
A new Digital Planetarium was opened at Goa Science Centre on 12th May 2012. This fully air-conditioned planetarium has a seating capacity of 50. Entertaining shows on wonders and magic of night sky are held in the planetarium. Everyday 4shows of the first programme "Wonders of Universe" are held in the Planetarium. Come to enjoy the beauty & magnificence of celestial objects and phenomena!

Cabo Raj Bhavan at Dona Paula
The Official house of the Governor of the State of Goa, known as "Raj Bhavan", is positioned at the extreme end of a narrow peninsula jutting into the Arabian Sea. Situated on the edge of the water-space formed by the merging of the perennial rivers of Mandovi, on one side, and Zuari, on the other, into the Arabian Sea, it is one of the Palaces of historical and architectural significance and antiquity in Goa. Earlier, during the Portuguese regime, it was the Official Residence of the Governors-General, which was then known as "Palacio do Cabo". Later, it was the Official Residence of the Lt. Governors of the Union Territory of Goa, Daman and Diu, under the name of "Cabo Raj Niwas", which name it retained till Goa was given the status of a State in 1987. More details at

Tatva Spa near Hotel Miramar
Tatva Spa is located in the capital city of Goa, Panjim, about 30kms from the airport, off the Miramar coast, the only beautiful beach in the city of Panjim.Tatva spa caters to your needs like the goals of how you would like to feel after your massage and we will take it from there. The experience of choosing your choice of oils and incense is to give you a complete mind and soul relaxation. With serene ambience and trained therapists we strive to give you a blissful spa experience, something you would miss and want to experience yet again and again. After all body treatments are the answer to tired, overworked and weary bodies which do need rest and pampering. These treatments help eliminate body toxins leaving the body harmonious and well balanced. For more Spa Services please visit

Dona Paula Beach
This beach of Dona Paula is also called a Hawai Beach popularly by tourists and locals. Some would love to call it as Bay Watch beach too. As one approaches towards the Dona Paula Jetty on the Sloping road, downwards towards the left of the Dona Paula Jetty one has to take the small and narrow winding road that takes you through ancestral Goan houses and a small fishing village of Dona Paula to reach to the unspoilt beach of Dona Paula. Very close from Hotel Miramar.

Sunset on Miramar Beach
The sunsets at Miramar beach are sometimes magnificent and enthralling closure to the holiday activities of tourists visiting the beach of Miramar in Goa. You can walk along the Miramar-Caranzalem road or step on to the beach and walk up to Donapaula beach while watching the sun set slowly over the horizon of the Arabian Sea. Sometimes the Sunsets can be plain and simple and sometimes they are just too spectacular to be missed. Sunsets at Miramar can be seen from the land or from the beach or from the deck of a boat while cruising the Miramar Sea in Goa.

Caranzalem Children's Park
Park by the seaside of Caranzalem and Miramar Beach with swings, a nice recreational space for children and the elderly alike. At this Caranzalem Children's Park which is located very close to the Hotel Miramar, there is lots of shade and sitting space, if you just want to while away your time at the end of a weary day.

Fontainhas - Heritage Quarters of Panjim
Fontainhas is the heritage quarter of the capital city of Panjim, lying beside the banks of the very old Ourem inlet.  This old district or Latin Quarter has a totally diverse ambience from the activity of the main city, with its Mediterranean facade, constricted streets and suspended balconies of the antique Portuguese style houses. The entire area is laid out at the base of a hillside known as Altinho, and the natural springs on the hillside, gave the name Fontainhas to the area. At the very end of Fontainhas, lies a small but eye-catching natural spring - Fonte Phoenix, whose environment have recently been renovated to turn it into a tourist spot.

Off Shore Casinos around Hotel Miramar
Goa is one of the few states in India where gambling is legal. Casinos can be found scattered across many of the five star hotels and on boats, docked to the Mandovi River. Most of the action, with live tables, takes place on the floating casinos. Try your luck at these best Goa casinos. Some of the top Casinos around are Casino Royale, Casino Carnivale, Casino Caravela, Maharajah Casino etc. 

Reis Magos Fort of Verem
The Reis Magos fort has severe high inclined walls on its sides looking out in the direction of the river Mandovi judging by its position on a steep slope. A walled corridor connects the main fortress with the anchorage of the Mandovi River. Reis Magos fort has decorative bastions with cylindrical turrets pointing out towards the river. The fort is now being used as a prison and is a major landmark from the Mandovi and many other places opposite the shore from Miramar beach, Caranzalem beach and Campal. Besides the Reis Magos Fort at Verem village on the other side of Miramar beach there exists a white church facade that is easily noticeable from far away.   “Reis Magos” symbolizes the Magi Kings, i.e the Three Wise Men from Eastern Lands who use to navigate with the aid of the Night Sky and Shining Stars who went to Bethlehem after the unusual phenomenon of a Shining star to bestow their offerings towards the just born Infant Jesus. 

Shopping at Panjim
There is one road in Panjim that Tourists do not miss to go out and shop when they are holidaying in Goa. Guests staying at Hotel Miramar too head out to the nearest and biggest Shopping City of Goa that is Panjim. The most attractive Shopping Street for Tourists from all over is the 18th June Road in Panjim.