Dona Paula is one of the most popular locations in Goa especially with millions of Indian tourists who flock at this natural jetty and harbour to witness the beautiful monument dedicated to Dona Paula and also to actively participate in water sports activities at Dona Paula.

How the Jetty got its name as Dona Paula?
The natural harbour or jetty is named after Paula Amaral Antonio de Souto Maior, a historical figure of Portuguese India. Paula was the daughter of the Portuguese Viceroy of Jaffnapatnam, in Sri Lanka. Paula and her Portuguese family arrived in Goa in 1644 and she wedded a Fidalgo from Spain in 1656. Her husband was Dom Antonio Souto Maior. They were an extremely wealthy family, and the entire property from the present day Cabo Raj Nivas all the way to Caranzalem belonged to the Souto Maiors. Paula died on December 16, 1682. Dona Paula was a woman of charity and is known to have helped the villagers and worked a lot for their betterment, so after her demise, the villagers re-named the village earlier known as Oddavell to the current name of Dona Paula.

Mysterious, Mystical & Mythical Dona Paula of the past.
The Dona Paula jetty in Goa also has a small Dona Paula Beach which is also a major tourist attraction. A local legend of Goa which has developed into a mega myth tells that Dona Paula whose physical body was entombed in the Cabo Chapel, which is currently the house of the Governor of Goa and is believed to be seen rising from the moonlit waves on a full moon day wearing only a pearl necklace and nothing else on her body. Several tourists as well as locals guided by this ancient myth visit the beach for a glimpse of Dona Paula on every full moon day.

Dona Paula is also called as “Lover’s Paradise”
If local Goan folklore is to be believed then Dona Paula is a place haunted by the spirit of a love relationship gone awfully wrong and tragic. Dona Paula amongst the youth and people, who believe strongly in Love, call this place as Lover’s Paradise in Goa. According to legendary stories the Viceroy’s daughter was deeply in love with a poor local fisherman of this village. The blossoming love of Dona Paula was cut short from it full bloom by strong objections from her family about her love affair. Knowing that marriage was inevitable or totally impossible, hence the loving couple decided to end their lives by killing themselves by jumping from the Cliff. In this legend Dona Paula committed voluntary suicide.

One more marvellous myth says that Dona Paula was punished for captivating Francisco de Tavora- the Count of Alvor with her charm. The Viceroy's daughter was believed to have been pushed off a cliff to drown in the waters below. Her abandoned spirit still continues to appear to some visitors who claim to have witnessed her. Most of the claimants had heard of this legend and were strong believers in lover or either themselves were lovers. She is even believed to have been seen rising from moonlit waves wearing only a pearl necklace and nothing else on her beautiful body. In this legend Dona Paula it seems was murdered.

Dona Paula is a Bay in Goa
Dona Paula is a broad inlet of the Sea where the land of Dona Paula curves inward or inside and hence this place is geographically a natural bay. Originally Dona Paula was a fishing village and even the local Goan lover in the myth of Dona Paula is a poor fisherman. Present day local residents and Goans of Dona Paul are actively involved in the flourishing tourism industry of Goa. At Dona Paula one can witness the majestic confluence or meeting point of the Zuari River and the Mandovi River.

Water sports of Dona Paula
The Dona Paula Sports Club located at Dona Paula itself has on offer much variety of water sport activities for the amusement and entertainment of visiting tourists. Water sports such as Jet Ski Rides, Water Scooter rides, Motor boat rides, dugout canoes, and many more.

Dona Paula is a favourite location for Hindi Bollywood Shoots

Bollywood is totally infatuated with the locales and locations of Goa and hence Dona Paula has been lucky to be the shooting location for one very old yet famous Hindi movie of Bollywood called,”Ek Duji Ke Liye” and recently the latest action Hindi film of Bollywood titled "Singham", an action sequence from Rohit Shetty’s movie "Singham" was shot here at Dona Paula.