Miramar beach is the city beach that is accessed by thousands of local Goans from the Capital city of Panjim and Ilhas district of Goa. Miramar beach is a hangout beach for Goans every evening and especially at the weekends. It’s the most visited and regularly frequented beach by local Goans, visiting Tourists and International foreigners visiting Goa.

Miramar beach is to be found around 3 kms from Panjim (Ponje) in Konkani and (Panaji) in Marathi in North Goa. A beautiful Golden beach of soft sand shadowed with palm trees in front of the blue Arabian Sea. Miramar beach is the closest beach to Panjim city.  Miramar is an urban beach, so it gets crowded every evening and on weekends.

Sunset River & Sea Cruises off Miramar Beach
One of the most popular River Cum Sea Cruise of Goa is the Sunset Cruises offered by variety of Shipping Vessels with Multiple decks docked at the Panjim Port or Panjim Jetty.  Called the Santa Monica Jetty, the vessels sails on the River Mandovi in Panjim for around an hour towards the Estuary and the Sea front of Miramar beach. The Santa Monica takes you on a River Ride past Panjim riverfront then past the jetty and old colonial buildings then past the Promenade with its lovely tree lined avenues and finally past Miramar where you can view spectacular sunsets.

Porta de Gaspar Dias beach is Miramar beach
Originally named Porta de Gaspar Dias by the Portuguese, the name was then changed to Miramar. It was formerly named “Porta de Gaspar Dias” by the Portuguese and presently renamed Mira Mar (from Portuguese it plainly translates to (“viewing the sea”) since it is located advantageously at the confluence of the River Mandovi. At the Miramar Circle is also situated an ancient Sporting Club by the name of “Clube Tennis de Gaspar Dias”. For more information please visit http://www.clubegaspardias.com/AboutClub.html

Goa’s Urban Beach – Miramar Beach
Here at Miramar beach one can see the meeting point of the Mandovi River with the Arabian Sea at Miramar. The Miramar Estuary is one of the biggest estuaries of Goa and has the highest traffic of small Ships, Fishing boats, Trawlers, Sunset Cruise vehicles and Barges transporting the Mineral Ore of Goa.  Miramar beach affords panoramic views of the crystal clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean as one become witness to the union of river with the majestic Ocean. At Miramar beach one can do fishing, watch birds in their natural coastal habitat, go spotting Dolphins on a Dolphin Boat Trip or follow the wonderful jogging trails all around Miramar. There is also the magnificent architecture of the Aguada Fort across the river that makes for a pretty picture.

Around Miramar Beach
From Hotel Miramar you can reach walking as the Miramar beach is just a stone’s throw away or only 100 meters away. One can merely leisurely walk along the tree lined lanes of Campal to get to the Miramar Beach; enjoy a coffee at the Café Coffee Day, Science lovers can visit the nearby Goa Science Centre ( a science park spread over four acres featuring innovative exhibits, experiments and lectures by eminent scientists) on the new Marine Highway connecting Miramar to Dona-Paula, a picturesque road that runs along the entire length of Miramar beach then Caranzalem beach and finally it reaches the Dona Paula jetty which offers scenic views of the harbours where one can watch the ships coming in along the horizon.